Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring Vs Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are any product made of hard wood that is specifically intended for application as flooring, both aesthetic or structural. There are many types of hardwood available for this purpose. Each hardwood flooring type comes in a variety of different qualities, appearance, price, and durability. This article will discuss the various types of hardwood flooring and what benefits each type offers. Hardwood floors are popular for many reasons and this article will discuss some of the top reasons.

When deciding on which type of Baird hardwood flooring to install in your home, or office building, it is important to consider the types of sub-boards that will be used with the flooring. Different types of sub-boards are suitable for different applications and are made of different levels of durability. Hardwood floors that are manufactured using solid hardwoods or solid rubber woods are most durable. These materials can withstand moisture and are durable enough to handle foot traffic.

Many people prefer the appearance of Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods floors over the appearance of engineered hardwood floors. Engineered wood floors consist of synthetic materials that are glued and bonded to provide the same appearance as natural hardwood floors. These synthetic materials are usually cheaper and are not appropriate for all applications. Natural hardwood floors are also more expensive and can be more difficult to install.

One type of hardwood floors that can be installed in both wet and dry areas is solid hardwood flooring. This product consists of two or more layers of wood that are sanded to perfection. These floors provide the appearance of a solid wood floor while offering the durability of an engineered floor. Sanded solid hardwood floors can also be stained in any color. Although this type of floor may require more maintenance than many other types, it is the most durable. To know more about floofing , visit this website at

One disadvantage of laminate flooring compared to hardwood floors is the fact that it cannot be used in basements and it cannot be installed above grade plumbing. Another disadvantage of laminate is that it is not able to be sanded. Laminates can be scratched but because of its laminate finish, the scratches remain hidden. Some scratches are easy to remove and some are permanent. This is one reason that many homeowners choose laminate over hardwood floors.

Hardwood floor finishes provide the look of a true wood finish with the durability of an engineered floor. The main drawback of hardwood floors is that they can only be installed in high traffic areas like kitchens and in bathrooms. Engineered wood floors can also be stained in any color and are very durable. For homeowners who want an economical flooring choice that requires minimum maintenance, hardwood floors may be the right choice.

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